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Radio Free Indy is an Indy Centric internet radio station featuring the best of Indianapolis and the surrounding area. We love Indianapolis and want to share our talented artists, musicians, and personalities with the world!

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Listen to Radio Free Indy anywhere! From phones and tablets, to set top devices and your car, and of course from the lowly desktop, Radio Free Indy is designed to work wherever you are. <- More ->

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We are looking for hosts that want to do shows about the local scene. What that scene is - from music to arts to politics - is completely up to you. If you have a computer, mic, internet connection, and love Indianapolis - you've got everything you need! <- More ->

Welcome We’re Radio Free Indy.

Journey back to yesteryear dear listener – back to the days where legendary personalities like Wolfman Jack prowled the airwaves and a radio station existed to serve its community first and advertisers a distant second. Local bands happily played their latest releases right along side scandalous news about who was seen leaving the liquor store, midriff bared and hooch in hand.  Ok, lets throw out the scandal but remember the local bands… and news…. and events… and arts… and political discourse. That’s what a community is and that is what Radio Free Indy is about.  You are Indianapolis and we are you.  Radio Free Indy – Radio that Remembers Its Roots!

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